Tris(4-bromophenyl)aminium hexachloroantimonate : A Versatile Radical Cation Catalyst for Olefin Addition Reactions ?


The Wurster Blue compound tris(4-bromophenyl)aminium hexachloroantimonate (mercifully abbreviated to "tris") is a resonance-stabilized radical cation molecule :

Many interesting and useful additions of reagents to olefins , especially those involving the formation of new carbon-carbon bonds , must be carried out under inconvenient reaction conditions using free radical initiators derived from various peroxides , azo compounds , or ultraviolet light irradiation . Tris is known to form highly reactive carbocations with olefins . In this paper , tris is proposed as an olefin addition catalyst .

Possible advantages of using tris as a catalyst include an ambient reaction temperature , rapid reaction times , a smooth addition reaction , and excellent yields of clean products . According to published reports , tris is a stable , safe compound to handle and use . It is simple to prepare , or is commercially available , and could be recovered from the spent reaction solvent .

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