Designing New Molecular Metals


In this article the installation of the metallic bond in molecular compounds is discussed , using organic chemistry methodology and synthesis techniques .

Molecular metals synthesis strategy is outlined , using poly(sulfur nitride) as a model .

A molecular analogue to (SN)x is proposed : bis[(phenylthio)imido]sulfurane , and a possible synthesis of it is described .

Molecular metal candidate compounds are proposed , based on (CHS)x ; for example , bis[(phenylthio)methylidene]sulfurane . Synthesis routes , involving condensations of the highly reactive electrophile sulfur tetrafluoride with Wittig ylids , are proposed for these novel compounds .

Potential molecular metal compounds with electronically-active phosphorus atoms are proposed , together with a synthesis scheme for them .

Two synthesis routes to the potential metallic polymer , poly(methylidenesulfurane) , are sketched . This macromolecule had been proposed in 1976 , but apparently hasn't been synthesized yet :

A novel metallic polymer , poly(S-methyl-methylidene)sulfurane , is proposed , together with its synthesis scheme . This involves the preparation and decomposition of methylthiodiazomethane , and the polymerization in situ of the resulting highly reactive carbene intermediate .

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