Saving Downloaded PDF Files


There are several ways to save a file downloaded from the Internet , depending on its particular format . Most files can be saved to a suitable folder on your computer's hard drive simply by using the command File > Save As. Many PDF files can't be saved this way , though , because this option is grayed out, i.e. is disabled or inactive . I thought I should add this very brief note to Chemexplore to advise those readers who are puzzled by this feature how to save such PDF files to C:\ (or sometimes to a removable storage medium such as a USB flash memory drive , like the nice little Lexar Firefly shown above on the right side) .

To save the downloaded file :

1. Click the floppy disc icon that's the save button on the left side of the Adobe Acrobat Reader toolbar , near the top of the Reader's page :

2. The Save As dialog window appears . You can now save the PDF document as usual to a permanent memory location , i.e. C:\ or flash memory .



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